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News channel for servers !? When the first servers start.

What would you think about having something like your own news channel when the Alpha / Beta servers are released?

The news may report the latest events such as Guild X conquered Castle Y (with footage of what happened) or City A has become a metropolis or the latest fights in the arena may be shown as well as interviews with the Fighters (in game) or who are currently the hottest weaponsmiths, etc.

So what do you think?


  • while it sounds like a cool idea it would be extremely hard to pull off what with all the servers and needing to have someone at every battle to record/report the news. A more realistic and setting appropriate approach to this would be a posting on the board in town that has the latest news of the server with all the quest and job postings along with how the stock exchange is going, what wars are being waged, which Nodes/Castles are being / have been sieged, and just the state of the world.

  • Part of the mystery might be not knowing what is going on in other parts of the server, sure there will be forums and such that will reveal the goings on in other parts. I guess even with some sort of news or even town crier that may reveal the distant goings on after a few days have passed, could be fun.
  • I would be partial to a dashboard that is updated on a full range of stats and event notices....

  • What I mean by that is a news canal as in the TV (Youtube).

    Where the latest events are being discussed and most importantly being shown (on the screen).
    Also get information about the best PvP Arena fighters and how they managed to get where they are now (equipment, skill, etc.). Which craftsmen currently produce the strongest equipment or which Dangeons were reported and maybe an interview with the team boss. For example, those with the highest Lvl could be interviewed but it would be important to me that there are recordings and that it is like a TV news channel, since I will not have a char on every server!
    So you can also quickly and easily learn how the world has evolved on other servers, also there are people who are not yet AoC players this gives the opportunity to get an insight into the game without having to spend hours in Wiki's or Fohren to seek information.

    And for those who are already playing, we have the opportunity to learn more about the game like other approaches, or receive cool new diseings on weapons, equipment, homes and so on. Furthermore, players who are looking for fame have the opportunity to get it in the sense of PvP / PvE or manufacturers the chance to finally be recognized for their work.

  • Erm I guess content creators would have to facilitate that kind of thing. If you want YouTube type content that show events on the server etc. That's not an easy thing to do.
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    There is no doubt in my mind that YouTube content creators will do the best that they can to cover everything and give updates on the server they are a part of but there will not be a content creator for every server and for the servers that do it will be hard for them to cover every aspect of the game

    Even if they aloud content creators to switch severs similar to how guild wars 2 (along with other games) has their partner program there is no fast travel making it very hard to keep up with everything going on in whichever server they are in at the time

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    Yeah but it would require a lot of them to create that kind of content for every server and i just don't see it being feasible.

    A more slimmed down feature with announcement feeds, like if they took server announcements but made them sync with the forum/mobile app. Now that would be more easily done and more likely.
  • They have promised a grueling content update schedule. The current stated plan is small updates every 4-6 weeks, and a larger update quarterly. That means one small, one big, one small, one big and over and over. These are not paid dlc, since Ashes doesn't have those. Anything that distracts from that and pulls resources so that people can feel good about seeing their name on a list of top EU PVP epeens, server news that only a small percentage who actually play on that area on that server are going to care about, or other twaddle is just a waste. Each server will have unique stuff going on, and tasking people to try and keep track of that in an official capacity that get paid by Intrepid is just them throwing money in a pile and lighting it on fire. There will be no cross server play, so why would someone give two shits what BunnyFluffer on server X that isn't theirs is doing. Too many other things that need love and attention like real-time bot crushing and gold-seller decapitation to support the in-game systems that are there to handle that activity.
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