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Optimum [NA] [Open World PvP | PvX | Economics] A guild created just for AoC.

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Guild Name: Optimum
Leader: Dice
Server: NA
Focus: Open World PvP, PvX, Economics
Size: 150 (Vary as needed)

In Brief:

Optimum is a brand new guild formed specifically for Ashes.  We aim to attract players from every background. With focuses on every corner of the game, the guild will have positions for every type of player.  The goal of Optimum is to build a community full of people who seek to be the best at what they do.

Welcome to Optimum,

We are a new community being built from the ground up for Ashes of Creation.  I can’t say anything about what we are now, but I can talk about my vision. Optimum will be a semi-hardcore guild full of hardcore members. This being said everyone in Optimum will have the same mindset, to be the best.  It doesn’t matter what type of player you are, if you want to be a crafter you better want to get really good at crafting and push yourself to be the best.  You must be willing to push yourself and others to be the best.

Leadership in the guild will be earned by proving that you deserve it. If you want to lead a raid you have to prove that you can.  If you want to be in charge of international relations you’ll have to find a way to prove that your the best in the guild at that.  It will be completely possible to hold multiple positions in Optimum.  If you prove your the best in the guild at your base class you will join “The Paramount”. A member of the paramount could also be the guilds chief strategist or in charge of economy.

The plan is to have 3 members work directly under me. One in charge of raids and PvE, one in charge of player to player relations and PvP, and the last in charge of intelligence.  I can explain more about our guilds government if you choose to join.  As someone who joins Optimum you won’t spend long as a new member. After getting to know the guild and discussing with leaders you will be placed in a set position in the guild. No one will be “just another player”.

If you do choose to join us please be aware that you will be asked to participate in every aspect of play Ashes has to offer. Whether it be dungeons, castle sieges or developing trade routes. We ask you to partake in it at least a little.

As a guild we want to completely disrupt the world of Verra. We will force the game to constantly evolve.


What are the requirements to join Optimum?

There are only 2 requirements to join Optimum:

  1. You must aspire to be the best at something. We don’t want “just another player”.

  2. You must be willing to help and push others.

I want to be a _____ in game. Do you accept  _____s?

Optimum is a home for every player. As long as you have the right mindset, we have a place for you.

How is Optimum organized?

Optimum will always be evolving. If someone comes in with a useful skill, it is extremely likely a new position in the guild could be created to suit that member.

How is leadership earned?

To climb the ranks in Optimum you must be the best. We don’t care what the best at. If you prove yourself to be the best tank, crafter or even diplomat, we have a higher rank for the best. (If you don’t want to climb the ranks our guild isn’t for you.)

What if you (the Guild Master) aren’t the best?

I will always push myself to be the best.  If someone proves to be better at organization, strategy or leading than me they can have that role. As a GM I will be in charge of making sure leadership is always in the right hands. I will also always be willing to talk to any guild member and sort out any problem.

Will you have a website?

Yes. I am currently hosting multiple other websites for other guilds and can not put the time into running another.   I promise one will launch before the Ashes official release. 

Do you have spreadsheets?

Yes, we will have lots of spreadsheets.  We have a guild Google Drive that will have raid rosters, PvP teams, plans for large scale sieges, and whatever else the guild desires.

Why are you starting a new guild from scratch?

I want to give people a chance to help develop a new community.  I have lead guilds for nearly a decade now. I have made many friends that I play with across many games. Now I (and many others) need something new.

Why should I join Optimum?

Optimum is a family of like minded players. We promise guaranteed friendships, adventures, guild parties, events and a place to call home. If we sound like a guild that fits your M.O. come help build a brand new community.

About Me:

In my many years of gaming and MMO’s I have lead many guilds and competitive teams. I am currently running 3 guilds across 3 different MMO’s (I have officially transferred leadership in all guilds to focus on Ashes 1/11/2018). I play an extensive number of strategy games like StarCraft and Civilization. Lately I have been playing a ton of PUBG as well.  As a Guild Master I promise to lead the best community in Ashes.

Ready to Join?

Join our Discord:
Go to the channel labeled, "Application". Copy the application and fill it out, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Either DM it to me or just post it in general and I'll be sure to read it. The odds of not being accepted are extremely slim as we're still prelaunch.  Feel free to ask any questions before you apply.
Once you're in make sure to say hi and start talking ideas with me. Let's build the best community we can!


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    We get it! You're Optimum!
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    Haha I know. I don't know why The second two got posted. They were just drafts.
    I'm trying to get someone to take them down but I think everyone is out for the holidays :/

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    So excited for the game coming out!
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    Sounds good, see you on discord
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    it's a start. let us begin.
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    Our website will be up in the next few days :smile:
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    I was Thinking of Either Creating my own or Join one, I wanted one that's new and Unique to AoC, This sounds very promising, See you on Discord, think I'll try to Join, Its Fitting for me. :)
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    Be sure to message me on Discord when you get the chance. I'd love to bounce some ideas off of one another and I liked some of your concepts from Born of Fire. If you're interested I think we could really build something together.
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    Hopefully I Get accepted needed a Home for AoC and Optimum seems it. 
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    Thank you for Accepting me, Hopefully we make Optimum the best it can be while we make us the best we can be in AoC!.
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    I Have Left the Guild, I wish Optimum success in Verra. :)
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    Due to some competition securing our website domain, the arrival of our website has been postponed.  Hopefully everything get's sorted out soon :smile:  
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    Quick update:
    We have a new logo!
    A third of our members will be in A1 and over half in A2
    A few weeks ago some of our guild members achieved the 3rd ascension in the world in Rend. (Sadly just a few hours behind Imperium, congrats guys)
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    We will be holding a guild meeting next week! Be sure to get your votes in on our Discord for the date and time that works for you.
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    So much for next week... You guys voted for tomorrow so our meeting will be tomorrow at 5 PM PST on the discord 
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    And yet another new logo
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