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Would Artisan have influence on the stats?

What I would like to ask will the Artisan classes have influence on the stats?

As an an example: a blacksmith who made it to Master Lvl 10 also got stat points with every Lvl (beginerlevel [1-10], mediumlevel [1-10], masterlevel [1-10])


Blacksmith Xo's Level 10

Basic stats;

-STR 10
-INT 10
-VIT 10
-AGI 10
-DEX 10

Blacksmith Xo's Level 10
Beginner Level 1 Blacksmith


-STR 10 +1
-INT 10
-VIT 10 +1
-AGI 10
-DEX 10 and so on ...

What do you think?

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    I dont know if the devs plan something in this direction but i dont like the idea of a dependence like this. Crafing will be a big and in depth activity in ashes but players should not be forced to become crafters in my opinion.
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    yeah They haven't given us many details about the artisan classes at all.

    I'm in the same boat, i Wouldn't like something like this because I would feel incentivized to be a certain profession only because it buffs my adventuring class.

    if something like this is implemented and I want to be a tank for example I would be compelled to go with the artisan class that complements my adventuring class stats, in this case blacksmith because it would give me a boost on vitality instead of the artisan class I really want to be, which might be husbandry because husbandry boosts charisma instead of Vitality.

    Note: By the time I noticed  this thread was already marked as answered I had already written my reply so i'm posting it anyway.
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    I am also against this.

    It limits your freedom in choosing a profession. I would also extend default professions by making them able to create lots of other stuff besides what they usually can.

    So that you don't necessarily HAVE TO go blacksmith as tank, or leather worker as rogue.
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    @Brijarios the developers have confirmed that choice of artisan class profession does not affect your character's stats.
    Professions do not affect your stat line.
    Livestream, 18 July 2017 (37:25)


  • Playing devils advocate, I would rather see a racial / class main stat promote the profession skill set. A dwarf tank being able to advance his smithing incrementally faster than the elven mage makes far more sense to me.
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