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Motion Sickness

I want to ask the game won't give you Motion Sickness right?
I played "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt" it give me Motion Sickness and I can't play at all.
Because The Witcher 3 Motion Sickness is not funny and I can't fix it.
I hope there is a Systems or Mechanics to help out with this kind of problem.


  • The combat style is said to be a hybrid of action and tab targetting. In that you will be able to choose which type of abilities fit your playstyle best. If action combat and movement isn't your thing, go with tab targetted skills that allow you to function with less movement. Go play WOW, or Rift, or any of the other tab target based MMOs out there. If they make you sick also, you're out of luck.
  • I get motion sick from games but non-drowsy dramamine works wonders.
  • @Lifetree
    There will likely be an graphics option that will help with that in the future, try out other mmo's they aren't as fast paced as most FPS games. 
    Gl :mrgreen:

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