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Will there be notifications and fast game loading?

Notifications such as "A dragon is invading your node" which can appear on your desktop.

And fast game loading such as clicking that notification and logging on quickly to the character. Unless there are loads times like Black Desert Online which take 10-30 minutes with multiple crashes.


  • Steven has mentioned a mobile app where you can keep watch of certain things. But it's not confirmed, and he has been very vague as to what you would be able to check on it.

    It would be nice to at least get mail notifications about declarations of war done against your node.
  • In my opinion, you should have to log i to the game to find out that information. I understand it would be more convenient to have a notification that tells you stuff is happening, but to me that feels too meta. Also, if you have characters on multiple servers different events will be popping up that are not necessarily happening on other servers.
  • The nodes separate each other so if there is a notification system the separateness of the system could be negated. 
    If you could communicate with other player characters in game to find out what is going on elsewhere by radio (once it is invented, same goes for television) the integrity of the nodes should be kept

    Yes!  There should be a way to call players back to Ashes of Creation but not to the detriment of the exclusiveness of the nodes.   
  • There'll apparently be a phone app, but fast loading? right now doesn't look like it... but it's pre-alpha, so yeah, too early to make a judgement
  • They have been pretty clear on the high fantasy setting. Since Steven has come out against gunpowder and general steampunk ideas, the idea that there will be internode radio and TV while not confirmed impossible is truly not what they have been shooting for lorewise. While scientific nodes may have "technology", don't be surprised if it is limited. You can guarantee you will not be seeing this in game.
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  • Well the game better not crash from 1000 notifications. :wink:
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