Summoner??? HELP!!

I am stuck between summoner/summoner summoner/mage and summoner/cleric. If I create Summoner/Mage will I be able to teleport or will my creatures that I summon be able to teleport to the enemy instead of having to walk all the way to them? If I go Summoner/cleric will i go from being able to summon a fire imp that shoots fire balls beside me to creating a imp that as long as it is alive creates an aura of healing around me, or just shoots healing balls at me to keep me alive? If I go Summoner/Summoner will my base stats double making me a conjurer? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW!!!


  • what.....

  • we all want more details about nearly everything. But we all will just have to wait until they are slowly released.
  • Yea....i can't tell if this is a troll at this point but i'll bite.

    NOTE: this is mostly me having fun with the knowledge i already know and the conclusions i come to shouldn't be considered fact.

    1. Hard to answer because we don't know summoner abilities. As you know secondary augments your primary, doesn't give you new skills. We have heard that summoners will have abilities that cause their pets to do things so i want to say there is a higher chance of your pet having a movement ability that can be augmented by your mage secondary. If you are trying to figure out how to make a summoner more mobile then it might be the fighter secondary you should be looking at. I believe on the last live stream they said something abo

    2. I could see both being plausible but it probably wont literally be that. If your summon is an ability and you can augment it with your secondary class then maybe something like an aura could be added. At the same time, you could also augment the imps abilities so if it had a fireball you could maybe add a healing component to it.

    3. No clue but i want to say no. I'm thinking no because a summoner's core identity is summoning things. I'd think a conjurer would do even more summoning instead of beefing up it's current summon. A conjurer would be able to augment it's abilities so they summon something to do everything. To make your summon beefier, you would choose different classes depending on what you wanted. I think it's safe to predict that tank secondary would make your summon tough but it's hard for me to say what exactly the other classes would do.

    Once again, this is me playing around with what i know and none of the conclusions i have drawn should be considered fact. I also might be taking what they have said way to literally but hopefully it might help a little and give you something to think about.
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    I'd say summoner/cleric--What about you @nagash ? ;)

    Bur really, no one knows yet, not even the alpha zero participants.
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    The game isnt gonna be released for 2 entire years. The spells arent remotely finshed, hell the summoner class isnt even in the alpha 0 right now (at least not from when they lived streamed the guy). So no one knows. You dont NEED to know right now right here. The game has 2 years till its released. Even if you did know it wouldnt change anything cause you cannot play. I get that you want to plan out what to play and so on we all do. We all want information. But the fact is their are no abilities leaked right now all you can do is wait and maybe speculate like mcstack did for you. But again its just speculation which to be honest wont help if anything it might get your hopes up and leave you disappointed. I suggest trying out a different game to try and keep your mind off it haha...thats what im doing....believe me i have alot of hope and faith and hype for this game i check the forums at least 7 times a day in hopes to see more news. But your just gonna have to be  patient. Im sure we will get news on class spells and so on when the alpha 2 or beta is out. 

    Edit: You could join discord group and ask questions there so in the next Q&A they might answer it. But they might just say the spells arnt finshed yet. Games still in alpha so even if we did know the spells there is no guarantee they would remain the same on release 
  • Thank guys I posted my question in discord too so that Steven may have an answer for me!!
  • Idk about you guys but when I hear Necromancer I always think Diablo 2 and a horde of 30 Skeleton summons, 25 Revive Summons, My trusty Clay Golem, and some Bone Walls.
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