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December addons where :( ?

Hello, i'm sorry to bother. But i'm not good in english so i read the post about the fact that people who buy pre-order package gonna have addons.

And i've already buy the kickstarter package + Summer addons.

So if i understand, the addons of the December gonna be up in the begin of the new year?
or i'm wrong and have to buy a new package ^^''' ?

I don't want to miss those awesome skeletons addons that's why i'm asking to be sure xD.


  • At the very least they should be available until the end of December, and possibly after that, since they appeared on December 10.
  • Until? So the addons are available ?

    Mmmm so i've a bug?

    I can't see those addons. There is only pre-order pack.

    I have already Braver of Worlds package from kickstar and All inclusive Summer Bundle from the addons :/.

  • The pre-order pack for December should be available for the remainder of this month, (and may possibly be available into January).

    The add-on system hasn't been implemented yet. It will be available early in the new year.
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