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Different Profession System

Dunno if it's possible to make one, but I've always wanted my character to be unique and to feel satisfied by working hard in game in something other than just combat.
What I mean with different is interactive and random in a sort of way.
For instance when you want to create a weapon you gather the materials, go into a forge and go through the actual process of hammering it and if you hammer the wrong spot it will give worse stats. But if you hammer hidden spots it will give bonus stats, and that how you hammer your weapon gives it different stats overall. Meaning that no crafted weapon would be the same.
The same could be applied in other areas such as cooking, crafting armor, maybe song playing in game which boosts others stats, enchantments, well dunno if it's possible but it would be extremely immersive.
Oh, and in the future that some classes have bonuses interacting with some professions, like warriors get more bonuses when eating crafted foods, mages can manipulate metals to forge magical weapons, rangers taking fangs from monsters to make different sets of arrows.
I haven't seen this sort of interaction with professions in an mmo yet.
Well, have a good one and thank you for your time anyone that read this.


  • Mhhm i like the idea of a immersive minigame a lot. Dont know what to think about the rng in it but that could be handled with fair balancing. What i dislike is the idea of a dependence between classes and crafting. There should be no force to play a specific class cause you want to craft this or that in my opinion. 
  • I also totaly agree with the minigame.
    One couldn't even call crafting mechanics of existing games crafting as its really just a token exchange interface wher you gather tokens(materials) and push the ui button to exchange tokens('craft') the item you want.
    You mostly had to buy useless stuff to progress the 'crafting system' skill first but progress doesnt turn tokens into crafting.

    So as IS probably wants to give players the opportunity to play as crafter they really should create a cool minigame cuz i cant imagine someone would really enjoy to play the token exchange game as main entertainment for a monthly sub...
    Especialy for processing type professions.
  • FFXIV had a nice crafting system IMO. You played a mini game with skills that would increase the chance of a high quality version of the item. There were random critical fails or successes.... and even processing ingots had this mini game for that HQ processed material (which helped with HQ crafting later). Something like this would be great... because I still had the option to just throw materials into a UI and crank out 50 of one item if I needed to. 
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    So as IS probably wants to give players the opportunity to play as crafter they really should create a cool minigame cuz i cant imagine someone would really enjoy to play the token exchange game as main entertainment for a monthly sub...

    I don't mind as long as said mini-game involves 0 RNG. I hit X, Y, Z and get predictable result B, not random result G. I could craft it in many different ways, not just one single way. I just don't want RNG to screw my efforts and make me do 50 crafts to have 1 item that is right.

    FFXIV had a nice crafting system IMO
    Too random for the endgame stuff. Even with BiS, you needed to memorize a 50 move rotation that needed to accommodate great or excellent procs at certain keypoints, or you made normal quality (thus crap trash). It was extremely anxiety inducing, not the good thrill of succeeding, but the fear of failing and losing millions in mats.
    Something like this would be great...

    As long as the RNG is removed.

  • Crafting should be different, as someone who focuses mainly on the crafting/life skill aspect of games I feel that crafting should be unique. Someone shouldn't be able to just dabble in crafting as a side and be as good or better than someone who wants to dedicate time to craft. This has always annoyed me in games as "crafters" don't exactly exist, they lacked impact when others could do just as well if not better. While crafting/professions being an entirely different class isn't possible it should require dedication to properly utilize. If this is done properly the player economy would also be stimulated more. This would also give dedicated crafters an impact in the game that non of the other games really have. For example a legendary smith selling to one side or another could vastly affect a siege. While say a master chef could likewise do the same with food. This allows crafters to take part in a siege indirectly instead of forcing them into combat. After all good equipment and provisions are both vital to armies.

    As for making crafting itself unique and tying a bit into making it be a dedicated thing. Minigames is one thing but also no recipes, at least no visible recipes. Experimentation should be a part of it and crafting should take some patience to do, especially to do well. Both different materials, proportions and uses of enchantments etc at a different stages of the craft should affect the end result. Say using iron, a fire enchant, and this say fire attribute ore should produce a different result than just using iron and a fire enchantment or just iron and a fire attribute ore. Say when making a potion adding in a little of this herb that's poisonous may actually increase the effects of the potion. 

    I want to be able to make a name for myself on something other than combat. To have power and influence that is more than if I had an entire guild's military might. Master craftsmen has always been vital in history and as famous as leading fighters and champions, but they are often the most neglected in games.
  • Yes this immersive type of job system is what I always wanted, putting in actual effort into making potions, armor or weapons. They could even creat a system where you have small mini-games when creating items and if you loose then the process has a higher chance to fail or something.
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