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Alpha access

Hi guys, so I bought access to the pax alpha, so i have access to alpha 2, and both beta, but was curious if there is anyway to get access to alpha 1 as well, instead of buying a full pack of both alpha and both beta, that feels like a bit of a waste to buy, so is there any way to buy just alpha 1 access alone?


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    Hi @superreu !

    PAX pack purchasers will have the opportunity to exchange their pack for one of the new pre-order packages in the future. The method for doing so is not yet available (hopefully soon after the New Year!). At the moment there are no specific details on how the exchange will work.
    The PAX packages that were on offer were the Beta pack at $100 and the Alpha pack at $225 but there are no exact equivalent offers on the pre-order listing. More information on how the trade will work will be announced when ready before the trade becomes available.

    All I can say is that you will not be able to purchase an Alpha 1 access key as an add-on.

    Add-ons will be for cosmetic items only.

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    Perfect, thank you for that, hopefully the exchange will have an option to buy earlier access along with it, or something similar, thanks for the response, cleared up everything I was wondering :)
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