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First of all, sorry for my english.

Second, did we have more information considering the archetypes of the game? As pretty much everyone, i saw the board with the 64 Archetypes of the game but i would like to know if their is more. Like the Duellist for exemple (Rogue+Warrior), what is it? A swordlike agile fighter?The Warlock (Mage then Summoner), is it like in wow, a demonic mage? Those are just a few but i like to know in advance wich class i'll play and, even if the game is far from finished, i want to have a piece of information.

Does anyone has a link or something?

Thank you in advance.


  • We don't really know anything besides the list of names.

    Here is a link to the wiki with pretty much everything we know. There are a few examples of what the class combos do but we don't have much.  
  • Thank you for  the link. Being able to known that each class will be able to use pretty much every weapon is already a great information. The swapping between secondary archetypes is something i was unaware of. Its great to know it as well. I just hope that it will not bring you down with some skill upgrade like in dragon dogma dark arisen

    Im more fond of agile fighter and its hard to found it in MMOs. Between the pure assassin and the brute force warrior, there is a great gap and not that much class in between. Great news that you will be able to do pretty much everything you want.

    Thanks for your link mate^^
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  • Weapons will also give you skills and you'll have access to a large skill tree to customise your combat between tab targeting and action oriented. So yes, Ashes will have a vast number of customisation options.
  • Playing a demonic mage like WoW's Warlock could be fun to. That's why i used it as a exemple with the Duellist. And as always it's hard for me to decide but if we can swap from second archetypes and customize almost everything, the pex phase will be a big puzzle game ^^ Guild Wars 2 tried to do this as well but the problem is that only one or two build per classes were really viable. I just hope it won't be like that in AoC. Clone Wars is fun  but...
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