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Rare Mobs ( Bilbo's Ogres )

Could it be possible to have rare mobs in the world that are trying to do the same as we the players are , building community . Their own node system if you will.  Also in EQ we had rare mobs walking around much higher than the player level zone that would wreck you if challenged. It would be awesome to have those mobs in this game . And perhaps have a Nemesis type of system with them . If you made the top ten people that they killed ( over and over ) they would shout your name and taunt you when your in their zone, or if your top ten that killed them they would shout and curse you...Top ten list totally hidden in game and is constantly revolving due to player interaction.


  • I like the name Bilbo's Ogres, you should make these "rare" mobs more intricate by giving them special abilities and irregular actions to throw players off :mrgreen:
    Although I think a Nemesis type system would be cool and I would enjoy it, I could see others disliking how repetitive it would get. 
  • That would be an awesome addition to the game imo.
  • Sounds really nice 
  • Like a mini-boss? me likey! 
  • ooh wow if they manage to somehow put in a nemesis system with 'bosses'that remembered you that would be a technical feat of enormous proportions and instances lol
  • I also like the idea of miniboss monsters in the world. It is a way to add a sense of danger back into the world without making the average mob crazy strong.
  • Yes the idea of stronger mobs either being in a static area like a camp or simple cave would be a cool idea, or even if a stronger mob was on a long path through an area, so it may walk up on you if you are not paying attention. Would be nice to come across such encounters and gather people in the area to try and defeat it.
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