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Creativity Challenge Combat system.

About 2 months ago a read all the posts under Threads call combat system but did not see to many suggestions as far as actual game mechanics.  Mostly making camparisons to other  companies like BDO and Tera.  But might of been a few suggestions I do not remember.

Well I am calling upon the cummunity on making and discussing actual game mechanics I will be giving a few examples.  All I am asking is be specific.

Overkilling a monster should have  a chance to have some special effect. 

 Lets say you have progressed a little and well demonic bunnies are not what they used to be.   Well if you cast a fireball and it crits and lets say it only had 15 percent health left and you do like 65 percent of its full  health in damage then that would be 50 percent over kill so it explodes int smithereens nothing left of it but precious loot of course. For melee class it could be decapatation or impale or some other animation.

Or it could be a knock back that sends it up in the air landing with a thud.

Both procs for melee and range would most likely cause low level mob to run ro be intimidated.
Seeing as you are so powerful.

Knock downs  Some spells or melee blows should have a chance to cause knock downs.  Not raid bosses.  When that happens that creates an oppurtunty for some one to make a special attack while they are on the ground.  For example mage casts lightning (getting tazed) so they fall to the ground memontarily which enables warrior to impale target on the ground.

Saw how a tank can harpoon someone and pull them.  Be pretty cool if it some times it wrapped around neck or feet and dragged them more likely chance the higher level you are.

Would like to see a block in the game.  Tanks would brace themselves with sheild(special stance not just some buff that decreases damage).  Mages could summon a spectral shield or have a defensive stance with staff.  Class that use swords could also have a defensive stance (talking about actual animation not just switching modes) 

Just in general would like to see synergy between between classes.  Like if I attack and knock some monster into the air then Tank could snatch out of the air with harpoon and do epic damage.  Or Mage just cast earthquake means more of a chance for knock down. So every one get ready to do the ground pound. Or push them into a crevice just created by quake.

 Melee combat could have a sprint feature to land a more powerful blow to target. Or sprinting and then jumping and then doing a 360 to land some other type of special attack.  So it is not just run up to monster and push buttons. 

That is about all I have.  would like for the cummunity to help IS make a really good combat sytem.  There is a chinese mmo called Moonlight Blade.  Looks action based but really this guys are pushing the boundries and setting a new bar as far as combat system goes so..... 


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    Well hate to be the only one posting on this thread but...

    I was thinking how double tapping in a certain games  direction up, down, left rigtht.(WASD) dodges and rolls in some games.  Could actually be eight directional....

    As Far as tanks go since they are not that mobile.  A double tab cold be used to block left and block front.  and parry right since sheild is on the right side.  And double tapping backwards(down) could make them duck behind their sheild.  Let say I pull like three mobs should be able to time at least one of them with swing of a sword or claw so I could block them.  In some games if you look closely enough at the animations you can tell when they are going to hit you.  But that would mean that damage would have to dealt out at the end of the animation for mobs that is.  

    Most games have actually damage dealt before animations for toons.But that is getting to deep in game mechanics.  

    Also for casters that have a cone area of affect a double tap during cast could change the direcrtion of the cone (slightly left or right) while keeping the target in the left most or right most area.  

    Or lets say you cast a fire ball and someone is dodging double tapping left or right could be used to counter that dodge and reroute fire ball to hit the would be dodger. Would take some skill though.

  • I did not clarify how double tapping directionanls buttons could be eight directional so...
    well some games have those keybinded but if not(can actually key bind moving diagnolly) ....It is not to hard to press two directional buttons at the same time. Like  Up and right and double tapping them at the same time would make for a total of eight ability augments.
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