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I have.. been observing this game development for awhile and it has slowly caught my interest.. but i could not bring myself to invest not until i get to try for the game for the first time. Watching people streaming them is nice.. gives you the understanding of what "this" game will be like..

Then again.. i hate watching people streaming. You re watching someone else play and get to listen their "Opinions" which may ruin your interest. Sure people say nice things but never say things that they really meant it. But.. i really like the idea that this game has to offer. The open world.. the player choice of freedom. No longer we will hide behind a stupid banner that are either red or blue that were design by a company to pit you against other players just because i m red and you re blue.. the chance to be part of a community that will design or build a city of our own and be able to live in it like a real town/cities would be like to be able to visit said cites without the notion of guards chasing after you just because you create a character that is blue and the city you re visiting is red.

I love the idea you can literally buy a home and earn citizenship of said city.. to have an in-game politics or players running the city. To have other players from other cities decided to attack yours just because " i m better than you" and giving you a reason to defend that said city or flee to migrate to another city..

To create your own story without being hindered by an NPC that goes "I am important!"

After suffering from other templates MMO.. i want something new, something fresh.. something closer to a sandbox games but an MMO.. not behind a limited player server with a stupid password.

I really want to invest some $$$ in this game... but i cannot bring myself to do so.. not untill i m sure of it.


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