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can we place an order yet for the game ?

i see theres a place to buy the game in the shop, but after i enter my info i can not see a submit button 


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    There is no box cost to pre-order. The packages in the store are access packages with cosmetics that grant access to the listed phase. Currently Ashes in in Pre-Alpha with Alpha 1 coming sometime in 2018.
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    You don't buy the game, you buy one of the pre-order packs in the store. The game itself will be free on live release, only the cost of a subscription to play. The pre-order packs give various alpha and beta levels of access over the next two years of estimated development. If you knew all that, and for whatever reason the store is not letting you complete your pack purchase, then change browser or clear browsing history and cache often fixes any issues with the store.
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