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Where can i change my E-Mail Address ? I lost my entry to my current deposited E-Mail Address but i have everything for this Account and i already connected my Kickstarterpack to this Account.


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    edited January 2018
    Go into the AoC website
    Login to your account, after you login there should be a 'Your account' option, go into it and there you will have some of your account info, with an email tab, simply put in the new email you want to use and it should be done, I dont think you will have to do any confirmations for the new email.

    If you need to confirm the new email but cant access the old one to do so, I suppose you should contact support (support button on bottom right on main page) or try to get your account back.

    Forgot to mention, dont forget to press the 'Update Account' button after you input the new email.
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    Thanks man
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