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Looks from like from the cash shop that one will be able to buy buildings.  So what happens if one of those gets destroyed.  Does it regenerated after x time? Do You have to rebuild it.? Or just simply move to some other area of the map.   Does not sound to exciting to buy a building just so someone can come by and destroy it.  Does any one know the game mechanics for this?  What stopping  a group of people from continually destroying your hold?


  • You can only buy cosmetics from the cash shop. In this case you would be purchasing appearances (skins) that can be applied to buildings you have already constructed.

    Cosmetics purchased from the cash shop can be reapplied to another target if the original target is destroyed. Purchased cosmetics cannot be transferred between players.
  • Lex hit the cosmetic aspect of buildings on the button, but let me address your other concerns. Buildings out "in the wild" are what is called your freehold. It is a set sized plot of land that will allow you to build various structures. There is a ton of information on how this all works. I recommend to get started and watch all the livestreams and interviews from the last year.
    People are NOT able to just run around and burn your stuff down like various other full loot pvp survival mmos that are on the market currently or coming soon. For your freehold to be able to attacked and possibly destroyed the controlling node that your freehold sits in would need to lose a successful siege. For a two hour period after that (confirmed, but subject to change during testing), people from the attacking faction could loot and pillage your freehold. You will have the option of npc guards for your freehold, and of course can defend it yourself and with friends to repel people.
    Sieges have a long, drawn out, expensive mechanic to initiate, and an even longer cooldown after the fact. The possibility of your freehold being outright destroyed is still there, giving you incentive to be active in game, and help with defense when a siege does come.
    If destroyed, the template (your placement of buildings on your patch, your decorations and such inside) is stored and will be able to reconstruct it at the same spot if available, or pick another, or move to a totally different area if you want.
    Your furniture and belongings can NOT be looted. Freehold loot will be in the form of gathered and crafted materials that you may have stored there (percentage, not all). Currency is NOT lootable from a freehold and is not stored there. (confirmed)

    TL:DR Yes, there is a system in place. Go look the information up.
  • Well thanks for the info have watched most of their streams from last year do not want to say all cause might of missed one.  Only remember them mentioning this topic lighty not in much detail. But will go to wiki and check it out last time I was there it was kind of bare.  
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    Thank you for aswering my questions  :)

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