Land, Sea, Air: Diary of Mount Combinations

Hello everyone and welcome to the Land, Sea, Air mount discussion.  I would first like to start by saying please read through the small list of ideas I have provided.  I know class combinations have not been included but, I have thought about it.  I've really considered what class combo mounts would look like.  Frankly this would take me many weeks to thoroughly flush out some great list of combos.

Also, I have no idea what the zone styles or animals look like. So I would love to get everyone who is interested in mounts to participate.  My hope/ goal for us as a community would be to create the most beautiful assortment of animals, creatures, and tinkered mount styles in the game.  So please let your creative genius's loose and plop down your thoughts on this.

Enjoy everyone!

Ashes of creation mount designs: Consist of variations of these animal types such as, (Dromedaries, Pegasi, Mammoths, sharks, whales, dirty flying carpet, dusty flying rug, shiny, flying carpet. Also consisting of race/class specific mounts. By mounts I mean land, sea, air. I would also like to include the group mount in a region specific style mount.

Aela Human Mounts: Horses, Camels, Deer-ram, Eagles, Griffons, Elephant, Lions, Dolphins: Sea creatures. Very rare to find engineered contraptions.

Kaelar: Horses, Eagles, Griffons, Deer-ram. Grassy, warm, wet, forested, rivers, lakes, other sea creatures

Vaelune: Camels, War Elephant, Lions, Shark, Whales, Lizard Dragon mount hardened sea creatures. Other dry, hot arid, spiky climate animals for land, sea, and air.

Pyrian Elves: Doe, Deer, Velvet lined carriages, All forms of riding mount has filigree inlaid gems, jewels, or some shiny design. Slightly different variations of overlap animals. Deer, Birds(Falcon), Flying regal carpet, royal carpets, Smaller creatures from forested or native animal. No engineered contraptions.

Empyrean: Doe, Velvet, regal, jeweled creatures native to woodland or area of homeland. Falcon, Giant graceful sea beasts, Squid, Dolphin, Moose/Elk,

Py’Rai: Light brown bears, Large moose/elk, Kite like glider/ flier, Any type of wooded animal.

Kaivek Orcs: Battle hardened animals, almost warlike bears, rams, wolves, rhinos,

Ren’Kai: battle hardened animals, sea beasts like sharks, whales, squids, Bears, rams, wolves, rhinos, worn leather or fur creatures, tough skinned. Buzzards,

Vek: Similar animals but complete opposite to Ren’kai. Excluding buzzards, sharks, whales. Include more tinkering style intellectual pieces. Animals that look like smarter inventions. Some ancient engineered flying machines and gliders. Definitely focused more on some intellectually smart animals.

Dunzenkell Dwarves: Strong, tough, hard, tinkered built, mechanical creatures, mounts, flying machines. Giant rams, Mountain goats, lions, and hippo’s, whales, big hard animals. Eagles included again, boats, possible steam style ships/crafts or flying machines.

Dunir: rams, goats, lions, hippos, eagles, group train transits, Tamed wild animals, red fur bears, bolgs, and other beasts.

Nikua: Tinker style machines, rams, goats, lions, hippos, eagles, flying machines, group train transits, or submarine, steam style craft. Tamed wild animals, red fur bears, bolgs, and other beasts.

I would love to include some feedback from the community that some animal overlap should happen as far as mounts.  Since zones touch and areas just like in real life, some animals will be similar but different depending on zone type, style, color, and other features.  Some mounts won't even be available to certain, races, classes because, of variability of zone, climate, technology, history.  I am certain there has been something I've forgotten to include and talk about.  Just ask and I will try to get back you all on what I've thought of. 

I really need to think about some really amazing deep sea faring creatures.  Some that are in the depths that would really be cool to ride.  Please add your ideas. 

Let the madness commence.


  • -Reads over list and is impressed. Freezes.-
    Whatever happened to the Tulnar?! >:U Underworld pride!
  • I was actually going by the list of races that I knew about.  I didn't even know about Tulnar.  Like I said, the list needs some editing and more types of creatures and animals.  I do think gliders could be really neat and didn't really thing too much about them.
  • I'm also one of the few people that really enjoyed underwater combat.  During the Cataclysm in WoW, the underwater zone was my favorite.  Also, GW2 underwater combat was beautiful, so I'd really love and cannot wait to experience underwater again. 
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