Can we check name availability before committing?

Bob spent hours creating his perfect character.

Bob's favorite avatar name is unavailable.  

Bob tried some variations and ended up with a name he hates.

Bob tried to recreate the same character but can't find the exact slider settings he had before.  

Bob now hates his character.

Bob stopped playing, quit his job, and lost his home.  

Don't be Bob, allow name availability checking instead.  


  • Is there anyway we can pick are names now ? 😂
  • No, Steven has stated before that name reservation will occur closer to launch of Alpha 1 for those that have that option. All testing progress will be wiped before live launch and there will be a dedicated testing server. (confirmed). Names will not carry over to live launch (unconfirmed) but probable since the servers will be fresh and new. Those with headstart in their packages will of course get to pick/reserve their names upon launch. So if you are one of those that must absolutely, without fail, or OMG MY LIFE IS RUINED, SOMEONE TOOK DRIZZT BEFORE ME!!!, have your name, then you better pony up the cash to make sure you are at the head of the queue when it pops at live launch.

  • I don't mean reservation.  I mean if I type Daddy and it's taken.  I try Daddo, Dad, and Daddio yet they are all taken.  Then out of irritation, I try Daddi and it works.  But it doesn't show me it's available, it just assigns me Daddi.  Now I'm running around as Daddi and I'm hating my name, which makes me hate my character.  

    When you try a name it should show you it's available and ask if you wish to continue with that name.  
  • I am going to assume they will have something to check availability. Lets hope. As to your example given. Thats only the fault of the user.
  • Nice story, happened a good few times, it'll be good if we can save appearance options, regarding names it's only fair that it's first come first served really, I hope they won't allow any of that stuff where someone calls themselves Gandalf and then someone just calls themselves Gändalf.
  • I shall be called: Faoifrhnw0iuthoxi and I want to be in YOUR guild......
  • Hehehe no one will ever have the name AdolfMussoliniStalin   >:)

    Btw this a joke. pls dont rip me a part and scream nazi  :/

  • I don't think any MMO tried different approach yet:

    First you choose your name and click continue, after with you go into character creation screen.

    As soon as you typed your name and clicked continue, that name is TEMPORARILY reserved for you while you are in character creation screen, and you are free to spend hours creating your character, knowing you will get the name you chosen on start.

    Once you are ready and happy with how your character looks, you can either A - click "start game" - and enter with your chosen name or B - click change your name, which releases your currently reserved name (if you decide you were unhappy with it), and you can now chose one of available names the classic way.

    1. If at any time during character creation process, you cancel the process and exit, your temporarily reserved name is released.

    2. there is time out so people can't just temporarily reserve the name and stay in character creation forever (the time out should be reasonable long however, so people can enjoy creating their characters without being pressured by short time frame).
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