Demonic Armor or Sword

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Is it only me or is anyone else interested in a demonic armor or sword aswell?


  • If you paid 1k for your KS, then you have access to the demonic racial skin already.
    Image result for ashes of creation demonic skin
  • Well, i don't have 1k to throw around xD
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    You might be SooL then since angelic/demonic was KS exclusive. Doubt they will want to open that can of worms by basically giving away an armor style that defeats the purpose. Weapons are wide open though, could be.
  •  Im sure there will be lots of different types of Armor and swords also you can paint your armor so you can make it look demonic
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    Yea i agree that they will have some sort of evil or demon themed armor and cosmetics.

    That demon skin looks cool and all, but when i saw the detail on tht tank armor i knew in game armors are going to luxurious.
  • Really wanted those racial skins ehhh, there definitely will be some demon themed items, it's not fantasy without some sort of demons ;)
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