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Epic Quest Lines? Rare Dropped / Quested Abilities?

Have they announced or hinted if they will be implementing any epic quest lines for your primary class like in the EQ series? 

That was one feature I really enjoyed and would love to see in AoC featured at levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

I was also curious if the game will feature quested or rare dropped spells and abilities?

The utility skills look amazing and it would be great to see them utilized in completing class specific epic quest lines or for obtaining rare spells  and or upgrades.


  • No details on specific class content so far. Since not every node will have access to the same npcs, progression will most likely not be quest connected to acquire abilities.
  • While I do appreciate a dynamic world, I would love to see them integrate a linear progression element as well with respect to class development. 

    It would be perfect harmony if they could accomplish both.
  • Although I find the notion of rare ability drops an interesting one, I agree with the fact that it they put them in it should be like a solo adventure, like a solo instance, it is your ability after all and you need to be good enough to acquire it.
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