Crafting Direction?

I did a quick search and did not find an answer so I will make a post.
Will crafting profession affect end game equipment?
Back when I used to play FFXI where a high skilled Crafter needed to craft end game equipment.
Since the title of this game is Ashes of Creation, I would love to see an item can be enhance through crafting or high skill crafter can create unique item from end game material(s).  It's even better if such item is uniquely created by Crafter of that item.  Meaning, only that Crafter can create such item.  Other high skill Crafter may be able to create similar item but would have different stats and/or name.
IMO, a MMO should at least allow 3 different aspect of enjoyments: Creator(crafting), Merchant and Adventurer.


  • Steven has said the best items will come from a combination of crafted and "end game" pve content.

    Crafters will be able to control the stats on the items they craft. The items they craft won't necessary be stronger but will have more tailored stats. Crafters have different dials they can use to control the stats on gear and some dials will be unlocked by different accomplishments in the game.

    They are also need to repair gear that breaks.
  • Ah, thank you.
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