Weapon stances and animations

Please say that the weapon swinging isn't bland or too outrageous?

I don't want over the top like Blade and Soul or more drastic Tera animations for some weapons, but on the same note, a serious weapon master would not just take a staff and clonk bad guys on the head to kill them and duel dagger wielders would do more than just stab stab.

Can we please have something similar to Aion (I mean in the interest of Chanter's staff or the Longsword animations) or maybe FFXIV version 1 (terrible game out the gate, but the fighting animations got really sweet as you hit around 50, especially the gladiator, but then gutted them for more bland animations in the current version as the director refilmed and  reskinned all the animations to his own short, stubby old guy movements.. for EVERY Race and weapon). Hell, even FFXI had some nice animations depending on the class, such as Nin with the reverse wielded katanas and how each race had their own stance with each weapon.

Couldn't get into GW2 or ESO because you just start out swinging weapons like you never seen a good fighting movie or every thing is a TBall bat or stick you found in the woods. It's 2018 and we need something better.. especially with the new class system than seems like the system other games have promised but never deliver! Been wanting this class system since "upgrading" from FFXI to FFXIV.


  • I think it is difficult to try and aim for some nebulous "sweet spot" between the vast variation in styles that you listed.

    It might be better to outline what specific aspects you like or specific animations that you think are preferred. Then outline WHY those are preferred. 

    Hope that helps. :) 
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