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Greetings from the Land of Corn and Tenderloin!

Although truth be told I'm more of a BBQ man  ;) . Long term mmorpg aficionado here who cut his online teeth on EQ and has been looking for something that no game has been able to provide in all of the years that I've been playing them. So many feel like they were developed fearful of taking any real risks on innovation and instead use a system of "checking all the traditional boxes" and so they end up being just one among many interchangeable games, curiosities which are soon uninstalled with disappointment and forgotten not long afterwards. After coming across the gameplay trailer in which Steven Sharif spoke of his reasons for wanting to develop the game I could immediately sympathize with the frustration that he and I assume many of you also feel towards developers in general. Obviously I was instantly drawn to the project and I look forward to being a part of this incredibly promising world.


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