Hey everyone,

Might as well make my first post an introduction post.
Been a long time MMORPG player, and currently I'm looking for something new to sink my teeth in together with my girlfriend.

Been playing countless other games in the past, ranging from WoW, to FFXIV, Wildstar, Guild Wars and some smaller F2P variations.
All of them have lost my interest, although I do play FFXIV on a small-scale basis at the moment just to keep myself busy.

After hearing about this game from a friend, I decided to delve a bit into it, and I'm really liking so far what I've read about the game. I still have some open questions that will decide whether or not I will pick up this game, but I guess they will be answered in the time to come as more information is being released by the developers.

Really looking forward to get into this community and game :)


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