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One-handed swordsman? Fencer?

I was wondering:  would there be any class that uses a one-handed weapon and nothing in their "off" hand? Like a fencer?  Now that the class list has been revealed, the one I would suspect as most fitting would probably be the "Dualist".

I like playing a fast fencer with foil in hand, nimbly dodging and parying back blows with surgical strikes.  Another MMO in the past had this playstyle done well (for a time), and I would love to see it return.  Is there any thoughts or ideas of the sort towards one of the 64 multi-classes in game?



  • hmm tough question, I imagine bards usually with one sword and no shield etc.
    I would put them in the same category if we were stereotyping.
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    edited January 2018
    That would be something the bladedancer would maybe do? :D Of course have absolutely no clue. The bladedancer could be a 2 weapon guy as well but for some reason I think Prim Fighter/Sec Bard = Bladedancer could be that guy you are looking for :)

    EDIT: Because -dancer sounds more like dodging attacks than block them and it sounds quite fast/elegant.
  • The choice to go dual or single wield is up to the person i believe regardless of the class.

    So it will be up to you what you want for your selection.

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