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Hello from USA/SC where it's supposed to be warm...

Good day,
I have been in love with games since I was a young man and began playing the first edition of D&D and multiple Avalon Hill games.

Since then, I've played several MMOs with my grown children including:  SWG, DAoC, EQ1, EQ2, Eve Online, WoW, SWKOTR, NeverWinter, Landmark (Alpha until they shut the servers) and most recently FF14.

I'm very excited about Ashes of Creation as the idea of impacting the game itself has always intrigued me both as a player and a now very old programmer.  :-)  The node concept is fascinating and I'm very excited for the time I can get in, kick the tires and watch the development of so many fascinating ideas!  I've been looking for something to challenge retirement as I've already run out of people to draw landscapes for and frankly no other game out there even remotely caught my attention like AoC.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you inside!



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