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Monster Coin System and Notifications

First off, i'm super excited about this game, and cant wait to get the extra funds to purchase an Alpha bundle, let alone start playing!

Now for the reason of this discussion. I just re-watched the footage of the "Monster Coin System" and  noticed that there will be a notification in game announcing the event. Will there be any sort of mobile alert so players can know to log in to defend their high level node? 


  • I thought I saw mention of it but I can't remember where.. commenting for reminder I'll edit when I find the data. 
  • The monster coin system is not a "choose where to attack" type of thing. It is a random placement event somewhere on the server. There most likely will either be a queue or event announcement in game. People with the relevant level coin will then click on it and be transformed and transported to the event. After the event is over, they will "port" back to the location where they were previously. Monster coin events from what has been stated may damage a nodes infrastructure, but will not delevel a node like a siege. Nothing has been said about mobile alerts for events in game beyond "That is something we will look at in the future."
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