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Hello from the UK where it rains, rains and rains some more.

Hey all just popping in to say hi and I just made the plunge into the game, i hope its as good as they say it is.
Really missing a good MMO these days, many have come and gone and none have really held my attention like the old days, lets hope this one changes that and my money is well spent and wanting me to spend more to keep going.


  • Welcome Falmin, I'm glad you made it through the rain to get here!
  • I quite enjoy the rain and overcast days, especially when it's cold because then I have double the reason not to go outside! hehe 

    Anywho - Welcome to AoC!
  • I also from uk. Welcome to the community 
  • Hi I'm from the UK to. Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Good to see a few from the UK here.
  • Welcome to the community :3
  • am from london yes it rains every day :(
  • Yes and rain tomorrow 
  • Welcome to the community :)

    Here in The Netherlands its the same xD
  • Welcome @Falmin! ^^
  • Big welcome to the community, hope this is the game we have all been waiting for!
  • It's staring to rain again here in Northamptonshire 😁
  • Welcome to the community! I'm from Arizona where it rarely rains and when it does everyone is so excited they run and play in it :P 
  • Last night the storms in the southwest destroyed my bins! Lol the rain was bad.
  • Welcome, it rains consistently in the Pacific Northwest too!
  • Welcome!!!  Here is hoping for some sunshine...or maybe an early release of AoC. 
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    I used to live in the UK, but now I live in a bone-dry area where when it rains, it's freezing.
    Either way, welcome!
  • A Soggy 'Welcome,' Falmin!

    Trust it won't rain on your parade, though! However, it does seem to have been falling most other places round the UK

    without much ceasing...

    We all 'get' your thoughts re AoC and so far we're all hanging on happily though longing for the game to be fully ready asap...

  • @Falmin
    It does rain quite a bit over there in UK. It is a beautiful country I haven’t been there in over a decade now. I’m originally from Georgia where it rains a bit but not so much in Colorado which makes me miss it. I’m excited for the game as well  and take comfort though you have lots of rain you have pretty stellar chocolate  🤗 
  • That is true the chocolate here is some of the best I think @Lunahalo
  • From the Pacific Northwest here, where I live we have that flaming ball of death show up about 140 times a year. The rest of the time the weather is much nicer. 

    Hopefully no flaming ball of death in the sky in Asheron's. That is scary. Welcome to the forums though. :)
  • Welcome to AoC neighbour, i live in this small place called Faroe Islands, its one of the places with the strongest winds in the world, im pretty sure its reached above 80 m/s, other than that, when its storming we have an average 30 m/s winds and may well go above 60 m/s, its not as rare for it to hit 70 m/s at some locations either.
    There is this thing where the wind likes to pick up the water flowing down, so waterfalls flies up instead of down!
  • Welcome !
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