Real Time Training

OK, i'm sure a lot of you will HATE this, but what about adding into the game "Real Time Training" for professions or something else in game? Kind of like Eve Online does. It is honestly one of the things i love about Eve. To me, it would give value to a veteran player for just playing the game.  Obviously there are some issues, but i'm sure you get the jist. . .(please don't hate me. . . . hahaha) 


  • Been looked at and rejected.
  • Yea I don't like the idea of that. It would be good for veteran players but for new starters later on they would be at such a disadvantage.
  • I definitely thought about that too, but doing it for something like professions or freeholds (i think that's what they are called), wouldn't set back new players as much as if it were for PvE/PvP skills. 
  • In the end, an MMO is a game, not a job. I feel players should be rewarded with time spent in the game, and the catering to casual gamers has watered down the play expirence for sure.


    Making something as basic as skills/professions only obtainable to the super hardcore makes the game really unaccessible and it will suffer population wise. 

  • Like EVE's skill book system? Please no. It has some big problems they want you in the world working on your skills not logging in queuing up some upgrades and logging out. it's frankly boring.
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