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Hello from Austria

I found this game shortly and what I have seen so far looks VERY promising!

So, hello to all of you and a "Servus" and "Grüss dich" to all german speaking players around :)

I am personally a big fan of the lost realms (The Drow, Drizzt Do'Urden, Artemis Entreri and of course, all dwarves!)
I am deep into RP and I love to play my role.
Still struggling whether I'd take down the dark rogue-path playing a Drow-like character or if I stay with my beloved Dwarves, which I played in almost every MMO in the past, where possible.
Maybe I should do both this time :wink:

Hope to see you in game soon!
Haerion Coldrock
Master Blacksmith and second son to the throne of the Silver Lords


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