Greetings from The Netherlands

Hi everyone, my forum name is Frostwolf103 and I must say, this game sparked my interest from guild leader on SW:TOR (Star Wars MMO from Bioware) mentioned this name.

I am late joiner when it comes to MMORPG, back in the day I can't ask my parents to pay monthly subscription that is until I am old enough to do that myself, I used to make countless trial accounts on Star Wars Galaxies through the years, in before and after the major patches watch how the game evolved from stuck in tutorial stations--tansarii station and gamma station with open space to fly around to Tatooine, even today I feel the potential reaches more than The Old Republic will ever be due the freedom of sandbox and range of roleplay elements that is free for all players alike.

I also played in Martial Arts MMO's such as Metin 2, 9Dragons and Age of Wulin - Legend of the Nine Scrolls, I know I haven't played PvP a lot in this genre like Metin 2 where starting location duels were fun and I know there are used to be strongholds held by the guilds that control the regions can be taken over, 9Dragons is grindfest around +40 levels this early and not to mention transferred through lot of companies only to fail, it is old but gold - I used to play a lot just to get feel of clans martial arts and deal lot of damage (and die a lot ^^'), Age of Wulin do have lot of activities to do which was fun to interact with such as free world PvP, kidnapping, caravan attacking/defending, small-challenge raids, building your guild base, social interactions in the city--I can keep going. I do have learned that high expectations get and I lose interest equally within the first weeks of launch.

I also used to follow daily news during the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic like from 2008 to 2011 straight every friday, or should I say when new addition of news will be added, I can maintain my patience to take look at artwork, videos and what they have been doing this week et cetera et cetera, it was good progress and I definitely haven't dropped my expectations reaching the final year of development with cost of 150 million U.S dollars project this game have delivered take one year to let the ship slowly sinking, one thing I haven't leave The Old Republic behind is because I like Heavy-Roleplaying in the guild.

I certainly want to know how roleplay elements will fit in Ashes of Creation while enjoying the game as whole in the future.



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