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Purchased $500 Bundle

Hey there guys!

Quick one, I purchased this patch got the email (receipt) however looks a llittle dodge IMO.
Is this all that I need to do to gain access to alpha 1 testing later this year if not 2019?

Sorry it's probably listed somewhere would just like a prompt reply for my common knowledge and peace of mind.

Thank you all,



  • Not sure if this will help ease your concern but if you log in on the main site, then go to 'Account' and then 'Orders, Addons and Upgrades' you should see the pack listed there with the status of 'Completed'. My friends and I all have this and an email receipt.

    It seems quite bare bones at the moment but from the live stream a lot more functionality is going to be added to the website involving purchasing/upgrading towards the end of the month.

    I hope this helps alleviate your concern until you get some official support! :)
  • Correct once you have brought the package, that contains's Alpha 1, that's all you need to do until that testing phase come's around, by then we should be getting email's sent out with further information or information on the discord and forum's, and like @Narys has mentioned if you go to your dashboard you will be able to see your package in there.

    If there's anything else feel free to ask :smile:

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