IDEA: Defeat Death or forever be destroyed!

I have posted this before but i think in the wrong place.. so hopefully this is the right place.

I have an idea that i have been thinking about for some time.. the initial idea comes from the magical item called the deck of many things from the AD&D universe. But, specifically from the card that would spawn Death (or an avatar of death) for the party to defeat.

In AoC this could be a specific item that the player would use to summon death.. once he is summoned he would focus on the summoner in an attempt to kill him in order to fulfill his function. So, as long as the summoner is alive death would stay in the world and continue to hunt him until the death of the summoner.. on the way if he is taunted he will change focus for a short time, but he will not be able to keep focus off the summoner for long as his purpose would not be fulfilled until the summoners death.

In essence this would be a world boss of high skill level that would best be summoned in a raid group or in a place with a fair chance that other players will be available for help.. maybe a node or some such place.. the dangers of a summoning in a node could be collateral damage to buildings etc.

In my vision of death he should look grim reaperish with a gloomy aura around him.. maybe the aura could cause a cold based weakness, sap strength or life from those close to him. Some of his other abilities could be a scythe attack, cold / life drain based touch attack and a magical ranged attack.

I dont know what kind of loot he would drop but perhaps a small chance of a Deaths Mount and a Reaper Scythe..

Anyway.. thats my idea
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