Player-Written Books

Ashes is so dedicated to players being integral to the story that I'd like to see the ability to write in-game book items ourselves. There's a million ways this could be useful- to create our own lore, to write the history of the server, to provide guides to the various cities and power players, and even to create in-game tutorials for how to play effectively.

Imagine you join a guild and the recruiter hands you a book that has all the guidelines and rules written in it, to keep with you.
Imagine creative players selling their own short stories on the corners of streets.
Imagine Divine cities producing their own holy books, to align with the faith they've chosen to represent.

Text files are easy to handle. It compresses well (compared to textures), and opens up a lot of creative options to let players make the world come alive. You could even add a library building to metropolises and bookshelf decor items to encourage players to collect a lot!


  • Was debated last year in the great "Scribes or not?" thread. Basically not something that will be available at launch, may come later.
  • Is there going to be a mail system? If there is, the tech to make letters and the tech to make books are one and the same.
  • But the server resources are not. That is why many games have a separate mail server system for their games. They have to look at asset placement in addition to all the other core systems they have to put into place at the grueling schedule they have set for themselves to get the product out to launch. Quality of life stuff that wasn't a crowdfunding stretch goal just isn't going to be a priority. Not that it won't make an appearance, just not at launch.
  • I like the idea of this, trade-able books and decoration books edited by the owner of the household that can't be removed by other players, that make good roleplay addition.
  • This is a good idea, but I can see it being for just the few people and not everyone wants to see it.
    I would like it especially for the guilds so they can make rules, guides and logs in game.
  • A cool idea but this may be quite resource producing to actually do. Hopefully something we'll see post release perhaps?
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