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Seeing as we have a former X-com developer on hand would to to note that

In the X-com series missions were:     a random map and random set of aliens per mission. Well the coding for this type of play has been around since 1994 and would like to add that the actual in game AI for these little greyliens has only gotten a little better.  Graphics and Sound Improved Greatly.  But just to be clear the AI for monsters In the original X-com is like ten times smarter than most monsters in present day MMORPGs(only exception is bosses and mini-bosses) I mean those aliens from outerspace were taking over player controlled soldiers using mind control way back in 1994. Game mechanics 1994 Xcom vs Xcom Enemy Uknown 2012 game mechanics well 1994 wins no contest.  So I am really hoping monster AI in Ashes of Creation beats 1994 X-com Alien AI. (Steve said robust AI)

Well think be pretty cool if there was  an area and the game would pick a certain set of monsters for that area until dead. Area could have persistant mobs and then ones picked by game in the same area.  Plus those particular monsters would roam the area looking for players or prey in general to attack. Could even attack nearby caravans.

Area could be Small fort, castle keep , small forest, caves, dungeouns basically anywere in the game.  Most MMORPGs have monsters that  just wait there for you to kill them. Kind of makes exploration not exciting.

Would like to add that it does not have to be monsters that are spawned could be rare mount that needs to be tamed, some NPC that needs help or  gives a quest, could be rare to common  pet that needs to be captured.   Could even be an item found on the ground that leads to special quest. Even tracks could be spawned.  While exploring you stumble upon a set of tracks that leads to .....just about anything.

Reason I make this post plus other creativity posts is because we have game developers that could build a space ship that could take us to Mars and back in a month but can only make monsters that are nothing more than a damage over time. Then some Highschool coder makes bots that can play the entire game by itself even in arenas.

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