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Yatas Yatas Yatas

Hi everyone,

I've been around for a week now and figured I should introduce myself! I live in the United Kingdom (where it rains a lot!) and am pretty passionate when it comes to MMOs. I've tried a fair few in my time but have really enjoyed Everquest 2, Age of Conan, RIFT, Arche Age (before the P2W cataclysm), WoW (pre-lich king) and Black Desert.

I started out as a pretty sub-par DPS but then found my passion for healing and haven't looked back since. Alongside that I also really enjoy animal breeding in MMOs, having been nicknamed the Queen of Yatas in ArcheAge alpha for creating some of the first Black, White and Striped ones on the server. I also enjoyed the horse breeding in Black Desert (my bank account not so much due to breeding resets) and was the first to get the first Black Tier 7 horse on the Calpheon server at launch.

Through all of the flowers, healing energies and playing with animals I promise that I'm not just a carebear, I also enjoy PVP and slaying my enemies....honest...some of the greatest fights I've had were against SCUM, Targuen and Clan An Fael in Age of Conan with my buddy @Falmin

I look forward to chatting with you all on the forums and seeing some of you in the alphas!




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