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So one thing I love about Dungeons and Dragons online is Well its dnd... You are free to create what your vision is of your toon. Skill and feats open up a plethora of build options. The one thing I hated about Neverwinter online was you are on a path so all wizards are the same all tanks are the same all rogues are the same and that is just lame to me.  I lost interest immediately with neverwinter because of this. In a fantasy world I want to be unique and be able to create my own path. DDO is 12 or 13 years old now the video is outdated but the simple fact that I can build as many unique toons as I can imagin..(now of course some are sub par ) and hey that's ok.. re - roll.

I really hope we can make unique characters in this game,  not toons that are  on  a track of.. hey.. here is your freeze spell now level it up to 10? that is lame. Death spells, hold spells Dnd just cant be beat. We NEED DDO 2! I am holding out hope for this game we shall see.

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  • There's plenty of information available in the blog on the main website. The gist of the class system is this:

    You pick a primary class between 8 archetypes.
    After leveling up you get access to a second archetype- which can be the same class. This adds mods to the base class' abilities, so a Summoner that takes Cleric secondary becomes a Necromancer and gets undead friends.
    The secondary class can be switched out, but not any time or anywhere. Likely needs a building or specific NPC to do, so you can't adjust on the fly.
    The secondary class can be used to greatly expand your functionality. If you take Cleric you can off-heal, if you take Tank you can off-tank. You'll never be as effective as someone with that primary class in that role, however.
  • Yeah the secondary classes will not be changed at any time you want, so a lot of people have been having the wrong idea about the classes, the primary archetype you take is the core of your class, the secondary one is more of an addon, something that will build around the core, so all the classes with primary mage archetype will be relying on magic the most (spellsword, nightspell etc)
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    Class system sounds a lot like FFXI. That's a good thing, FFXI had a great class system. Only thing is in FFXI you could change your main and sub job(class) in FFXI so you didn't have a need for alts. 
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