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Character Berserk mode?

Hey guys,

I would like to share a feature which I liked in another mmo game - Silkroad Online. I would like to discuss it here, to hear your thoughts about it and maybe you would like to see it in AoE?

So, this rage mode, it enhances your character abilities for a short period of time, it also changes your visual look.

For instance, in Silkroad, every character has this ability from the start of the game. It is called berserker mode. In order to activate it, you had to fill your rage bar first. You could do it just by killing monsters or even players. If you activate it, you will turn into red devil mode, where your damage output and movement speed is increased by 100%. This mode lasts for 60 secs. While in berserk mode, the sound effects of your spells are changed as well. The transformation looks like this:

This berserk mode could have even more powers after you reach level 95. Completing a special quest gives you an ability to have even more bonuses while in a party. Let's say your primary berserk mode had 100% increased damage, but after you reach 95lvl and you use it with a party member, the power increases to 140%. Must to mention that it only works if there are 2 or more people in berserker mode, in the same party.

This is how all 3 transformations looks like:
Blue berserk transformation -
Blue to Red berserk transformation -

For me, it sounds kinda cool because you, as a party, have to focus on using the spells in sync with the party members in order to have the highest damage output for a certain time. This helps you fight in pvp battles, killing unique bosses/raids, etc. 

What do you think about this kind of spell? Would it work in AoE? What other similar spells would you imagine?

P.S. I am sorry, but I could not embed gifs normally. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. This website just does not work properly and it really goes on my nerves. :/


  • @gam3_derp: I think in this game, it will be called "focus." Here is a picture of the tank skills:

    That Righteous Fury skill, for example, seems to use 80% of your built-up focus (or adrenaline in other games) to launch a powerful AoE attack. But I am not sure if there will be an ability that will let you accelerate the speed of generating that focus. Maybe convert part of your health into focus? I am sure they will explore something like a berserk mode, seems like most games have a version of that for tanks/warrior classes.
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