Class naming ideas

Hello everyone!

I came up with some ideas for the class names that I think sound pretty snazzy.
I wanted to try and get a dialogue going about them so that we can have Intrepid gathering some crucial data about the class names and how they influence how the playerbase sees the classes!

Here's my suggestions!

Open to conversation on what you all think!



  • all the classes were named homie 
  • I think the classes are named, the boss has spoken. He put the names he selected over time, thought about it for a good long while, then released them. While anything is possible to change, just not probable. So those of you who keep whinging about "I WANT MONK, WHERE IS DRUID!!!!" are going to be sorely disappointed.
  • I believe that we as the community have every possibility to influence the formation of this MMO. Intrepid is willing to share their development this early with us, it is only fair that we offer constructive feedback to what we see.
    It's how growth occurs, both as a community for us and as a company for Intrepid Studios! 
  • Some of them are really good, I still do prefer what currently is planned though (the gypsy name for mage and bard seems a bit off for me for example).
  • I don't know, I am probably one of the very few people who loved all the names on the original list O.o
    Especially when I compare it to other games and their classes O.o
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