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In ddo I use mouse look, I love it. I dont know why any game company would create any other system. I use W to move and my mouse turn left or right up and down its so easy. Curious I have looked around here and I cant find what the control mechanics will be like?


  • Keyboard and mouse with options to rebind keys from the start. Adjustable camera controls. Controller support possible waaaaaay down the line if they decide to implement it, but not before launch and possibly never.
  • As long as I can play mouse look im happy. Most games have key mapping. I'm sure this game will be no different. MOuse look is key for me. Thanks for the reply
  • This is all the quotes I have seen so far.

    They did talk about UI during one of the livestreams, but I can't remember if mouse look was specifically mentioned. Don't see why it wouldn't be available with all the other bells and whistles they are adding.
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