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The AoC Dungeon - A new international community website for Ashes of Creation

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Hi everyone! 

I have just launched a website called The AoC Dungeon, a community website dedicated to Ashes of Creation. The website is in its early beginning, but I am going to work hard on making this a great portal for AoC content :) 

- News portal, where I will release lots of (outside of the obvious latest news) unique content, such as stream breakdowns. As well as some contest, I will give out some beta packs soon!
- Forum dedicated to AoC (premium software, not a free solution I might add..  ) with easy to use layout, and lots of different sections. 
- Resource area where lots of AoC guides (I have made two currently), and your own character journals can be posted. Share your journey of your character though posting updates to us in your own area! 
- Media section for users to share videos, images and fanart of AoC  Even make your own albums. 
- Easily view any available streams of AoC, directly on my website, if anyone is streaming AoC now. It will pull streams from several sources, such as Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, smashcast etc. 

A little bit about myself: I have been the admin of several projects in the past. Most recently I had the biggest stand-alone community site for Cities Skylines (named Cities Skylines Nation), with thousands of members and discussions. I have played a lot of games, all from simulation games such as Cities Skylines, to competitive games such as Dota 2 and BF1. Though on the MMORPG side of things has been quite silent since I played TERA. Before that I have had experience with games such as Aion and RIFT.

So this is going to be very exiting! Feel free to say what you think of the site, any suggestions you have, or if you want to help on the team :) 


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