Cryptocurrency support to pay the packages

Dear Team, 
first time post here. So far all my hope for MMO not dying out is in AoC. I would be willing to support the project by purchasing the founder package, however, I would like to have the possibility to pay in a cryptocurrency (whatever you choose). This might be a cool feature. I don't want to start a discussion about cryptos in general but I can imagine that it will do some PR as well as attract new buyers for the packages. 

If that was somehow feasible I would be buy the package in no time.

Thanks in advance and again I want to emphasise that I don't want to discuss the general nature of cryptos!

Love the team and the project <3


  • While crypto currency is a hot, yet volatile commodity, we do not have any official update or statement from Intrepid that would indicate that they are pursing such an option.
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