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It's Jan 26th. Isn't something cool supposed to happen today?

Wasn't something said in the livecast about today?


  • I think it was about the store / website. But they also said it might take a few days longer :disappointed:
  • DId anything happen?
  • It's your birthday! Happy birthday!
  • sunfrog said:
    DId anything happen?
    yes you can now upgrade your kickstarters package in the accounts page on the left side
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited January 2018
    The website store was updated, no info on the next live stream just yet :disappointed:

  • There's still time for me to get laid tonight....could happen.
  • I am just curious about the potential streaming of Alpha 0 sometime this month!!
  • Seems we can buy the separate items from the packs in the shop, is this only until the next pack comes out or will all KS backers be allowed to buy them even at a later point in time ? 
  • I hoped that I would be able to upgrade my summer time backers amount. I thought that's what they where talking about being able to upgrade everything not just Kickstarter accounts. Perhaps I misunderstood or perhaps it will take a few more days. There has been no news update about it so maybe we will have to wait.
  • The store layout UI does seem to have changed, perhaps they're gradually working towards the finished result still?
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