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Coins, Royalties, Roles, Costumes.
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This is my idea from different game but maybe you will use it here 

We need to make silver and gold not virtual but real. Which means it should be really in your bag and had its own weight. It should be bought and sold like other items, on AH. Silver would weight a lot so players would have to exchange it on gold which would weight less. Also on auction. Keep your money you can in banks and chests. Every time player enter the city with money in his pocket, he got charged royal tax. The only way to transport your finance without tax is convert them in special coins.

These coins can be produced by players. But not by everybody. Player who can produce such coins must have a special status - an aristocracy. That means the whole royal court, with king, princess, lords, dukes and so on. Every city can produce its own coin. This coin can be trade on AH and be the way of non-tax money transport and way to keep your money.
Where it coming from? Any gatherer have chance of dropping "a magic tear". For example 8 tier =10%, 7 tier=9%, 6 tier =8%, 5 tier= 7%, 4 tier=5%. Why so high percent? Well, on high tiers it limits itself by the fact that there are not many of those res anyway. But on low tiers we have to stimulate royal continent for its development, including small cities.
From this tear aristocracy can craft those coins. Aristocrat attached to curtain city and can only craft there. Every title of aristocracy can only craft fixed amount of coins. This for king to decide. How it works? If virtual account of silver and gold doesnt work anymore for normal players, but it works for aristocracy. But this account now isnt for personal use but for city needs. To this account all taxation flow which king collects from citizens. Say king distributed tax this way: 0% to himself, cos he cant set it up to himself, cos he is just a ruler, he has power but not finances. He give Princess 40%, to Lords 35% and Dukes 25%. Dont you worry. Nobody will try to get all to themselves cos these money are not personal. Money get charged via tax every time players enter the city and they distribute according this percentage (set up by king).
So king issued the decree. Produce 5000 coins. He can produce zero, Princess can 2000, Lords 1750, Dukes 1250. If there are 4 princess then 500 each. if there are 10 lords then 175 each. And so on.
Each coin will have coat of arms of the guild produced it. In general, it has no much meaning, however it will urge on players vanity. Yet, on AH these coins will be different and players would have to decide in which guild to invest. Maybe they want a boycot some ex government which used to be a bad ruler. And refuse to buy its coins. If there are few coins of some kind then their price will be lower cos big buyers would want to buy coins in bulk to save their gold. However those who really want to save some money will buy many different kind of coins. Price will slowly go up.

How to make people to use coins? First of all silver is trand only for gold and gold only for coins. That means that growing in price gold will increase value of coins. And it would be profitable to save your money in coins. The thing is that king can tax money in your pocket every time you enter the city. So think twice before you 10 times enter your city with pockets full of gold. It can be one tax for silver (for those who just farmed a dungeon) and different tax for gold (for those who transport finance from city to city). So different tax. You will ask, what if corruption will take its place? Next chapter will answer it.
And by the way. Guild tax will be cancelled. Its not even natural process when you are in dungeon, collecting silver and part of it goes to some invisible bank account. WTF!? However guild tax can remain in form of players donations, if we will have chest/bank logs then it easy can be controlled.

So. Who is aristocracy and where they came from?
There are GvG seasons. Guild which took a first place in crystal league is a winner guild and its leader becomes a king. Guilds of crystal league who took lower places become Princess, their leaders are princes or princesses, all guild who in gold league are Lords, their leaders are lords. those who are in silver league are dukes, their leaders are dukes. Bronze league are nobleman, Iron league and others are peasants. Last two are least respected. Their leaders are nothing.

So. why we need all that? Its all about taxes. Players get taxed every time they enter the city. By gold and silver. Kings guild pay nothing and can freely transport finances. Fuither, harder. Lower titles pay tax. Lower the title bigger the tax. Tax can be set up by king in the beginning of his ruling period, and can be changed during this period.
Princes 5-10% Lords 5-25% Dukes 5-25% Nobleman 5-70% Peasants 5-70%
This s kings tax for Caerleon. Lords and Duke split other cities among themselves, on their hand can set up their own taxes for those cities.
Kings zero, Princes zero Lords 5-25%, Dukes 5-25%, Nobleman 5-70%, Peasants 5-70%
Most likely lords and dukes will compete and set up maximum tax for each other. However lords will get 3 cities but dukes only two. And most likely duke will lower the tax for better city attraction. (to attract more people). However everything can be the other way. Low tax is good buisness.
Thats how different taxes can be.
Those taxes goes to an accounts of princes lords and dukes according to percent which was set up by king in the beginning. Nobleman and peasants get nothing. For this money aristocracy will buy resources to produce more coins. And craft their own coins. After a coin was crafted they can do anything with it except sell them on auction. And by auction i mean auction. People make bets, there are timelines, set up a minimum price. It needed so that players wouldnt sell coins to themselves for one silver. It will replace gold exchange. People will invest in coins like in gold.
King and princes stay in Caerleon but lords and dukes in small cities. Lords occupy three cities, dukes two. On their choice. If there are 30 lords then they divide on 3, 10 lords per city. if 31 then 10 10 11 and so on. All duke occupy the rest of cities.

Coins can be bought and re-craft in your own coins. Coins can be took into pieces of tears and again crafted into your more expensive coins. Of cause only allowed people can do it and in allowed amount. This way will replace coin converters. You buying all cheap coins and craft expensive ones. Yet this method can equalize all coins, but from another hand one allowed to craft 50 coins and another 1000 coins. Of caurse price will be different. Physically you cant produce more coins that you allowed, but you can put it for higher price then those which were 1000. Your coin will be rare and expensive otherwise it will be bought and re-crafted. This way price for rare coins always goes up. Some will always be re-crafting cheap coins into expensive ones, but because of fixed amount their price remain the same. Until new king will issue the new decree to produce more coins. If royalties changed the budget remains the same. But new percentage is getting set up by new king. Old coins still values cos now they v become rare and their price goes up. Decree can be issued once per ruling period. When? King decide for himself. Maybe he would want to leave it as it is, keep the same tax and dont produce coin at all. Or maybe be issue the decree in the middle of his ruling period, so that prices will jump up without a new coin and after this issue a new coin and make it more expensive comparing and average price but cheaper then current offers. And everyone will buy it. Maybe new coins become more popular maybe and old ones, no body knows.

Cloth. For every guild leader there will be a special costume. The best king will have, with beautiful crown and cloak and scepter. More modest one one prince will have. Lords and dukes will also have a special costumes. But a bit more modest. Nobleman and peasant will have their own costumes.
Peasants costumes will give a big bonuses to farming, herbalism and cattle breeding. Aristocracy can made peasant wear those costumes and punish them if they refuse by raising their taxes. If some peasant is too agressive his own guild can punish him. Every peasant can do everything what aristocracy tell him to do. He should tell him "Yes My lord" if aristocrat tell peasant to bend his knee he should do it. if somebody dont obey they just complain to king and he rise a tax for all peasants by 1% or as much as he decides. Also peasant must put away their weapons once they see aristocrat and retreat from Battle feild. Peasants must obey aristocrats otherwise tax will go up for them. once tax reach the maximum and some peasants became aggressive and rebel against king, then king has right to declare sanctions against this guild. He sand sort of voting letters to every peasant guild leader and ask them to vote for or against this guild. if majority is voting against this guild then king has right to put 100% tax for that guild until next king will come to rule. This way king can negotiate with peasants. He can promise them low tax if they vote against, but all peasant can decline to vote and then king will give everyone maximum % but not 100%. Peasant would have to decide - stay together and pay high tax or pay small tax and make one rude peasant pay 100%.
But peasants have counterbalance. If they dont like something they can tell a joker. Among peasants king will choose joker guild. Its leader same as members put on jokers costumes. They should intertain king and tell him truth they can even abuse king so they tell him everything what others afraid to tell. As a reward for this king have to decrease tax for peasants in Caerleon. Not only peasant but all titles will tell jokers what they want to tell king. Jokers keep information confidence. Let aristocracy guess who was complaining. And spin intrigues. Jokers do not obey to anyone, they can do anything they want. They must not follow etiquette. They can spite on everyone and get lower tax for that. Every time aristocrats complained on jokers king have to low their tax. Jokers costumes gives +100% speed on small donkey and pig. Jokers are fastest and uncatchable in this world.
Nobleman guilds have same life conditions as peasants. But from nobleman guilds some guilds can be chosen on role of minstrel. They wear a costume of minstrel and have musical instruments. Every instrument has its own melody and different type f melody, victorious, sad, threaten, calm. There are few variations of each melody. like "victorious - 1,2,3" and so on. Say you ve chosen first melody and somebody playing on violine somebody on guitar somebody on drums and because they all ve chosen the same melody together it will sound like a good melody. Minstrel have to not only intertaine king with music but also with poetry and songs. Minstrel costumes will give big bonuses for cooking, alchemy, and mounts breed. For every service king have to reward them with tax reduce or increase if he is not satisfied. Same as jokers minstrel dont obey anyone except kings guild and king.
Dukes. They are aristocrats. They made to rule. Their costumes give a big bonus to refining res. These are costumes of royal army and heretics fractions.
Lords, the same thing. Their costumes gives a big bonus to craft.
Lords and dukes not like peasants and nobleman and they dont have to bend their knee to each other, except to kings guild to whom everyone bend. They dont have to retreat from each other so they always in war. Like two parties of parliament. Lords have costumes of two fractions - undead and druids.
Among lords, king choose one guild of Executioner. Executioner has a special whip. One strike of this whip stuns to 5-10 seconds. Executioner can continue to whip so that victim never stand up. Why we need this? For example one peasant guild didnt retreat from royalties on battlefeild and fought them, they need to be punished. Royalty guild complained to the king, and king raised peasants tax by 10%, to actually raise it Executioner has to strike this offender guild with whip. Every strike with whip raise tax say by 0.1% and say tax raise is +10%. So all executioners has to whip this guild 100 times. It can be done by one player at once or by many and for a little bit each. Ideally it would be good if executioners whip and stun victims somewhere in red or black zones until somebody will kill them. Whip strike put victim on its knees. Whip is a part of costumes. There is also a scary cap of Executioners in costume. This cap give a huge bonus to CC. Exactly as much as needed for constant stun.If one wont wear it then stun will not be constant and victim can escape. Good Executioners service can be rewarded by decreasing tax percent for lords.
As soon as guild percent set up by king reaches its target, in this example its +10% then executioners will automatically stop whipping victim and get their less tax reward. .

Prince. Their costumes give a big bonus for defence (armor). Two fractions - morgana and demons.
Kings. Costumes have a big bonus for attack (weapon). No fractions, just luxury costumes.
Costumes can be looted but can be only wore by appropriate title. Or sold on auction.
Costumes can be crafted by special skill from different materials:
Kings. Jokers- t8, Princes and Minstrels (instruments) - t7, Lords, Dukes - t6, Nobleman - t5, Peasants - t4


Players will have to follow special etiquette. if you not bend you knee to king he can maximum increase tax fro this title. If you be polite then maybe it will be reduced. But if you already have maximum tax then you can spit on king, but only if you are a peasant. However sanctions can be applied to you. But if you are prince and you ve spit on king, then king can low your title to lord and so on. Offender can be punished by his own guild. You cant be lowed very often. maybe once a week or less. To change king only possible via winning gvg season. You can get as low as peasant and if you are still aggressive then king can apply sanctions to you. And you would have to move to black zones until new king will come.
Or fight for his place and after you ve become king you put revenge on all your enemies. You will make ex-king into minstrel and make him sing songs to you. He will refuse and you will make him go to black zones with his pride. Amount of aristocracy is fixed. so if some one got lowed the someone should take his place. it can be random choice from lower titles to prevent king to promote his friends. It will make people to do a intrigues and plots.


This system can work for itself, but it will work better in combination with Caravans. Players will transport big finances, and make money out of it. However they can do it without a caravans, but if we make magic tears a resource status then iverything will start working very intence.
Also a difference in tax in every city can make some cities more alive.
This system will work good with guild wars, Say some nobleman guild made kings angry then all nobleman guilds will declare war to it. Everyone will declare. Guild war in general good way of punishment in any situation.
This system will give more freedom to players, cos now they can produce their own money for their own expence. At the same time we dont lose gold trading institution, it remain as a currency, but gold role will take a royal currency (coins), DEVs still can sell gold for real mony but we also have to allow players to create their own money. And invest in it. Like in bitcoins. Their price will always go up. Every guild will have their own coins and their price will always go up. Stronger guild is the higher is price.
Now near every city there will be not only a gankers who will hunt for your bags full of silver, but also a royal dealers, offering you coins to enter city free of charge. Maybe you agree in advance to dealer to meet and exchange. But if gankers are waiting for you then maybe it would be wise to just enter city anyway but you lose everything. If you bought coins from dealer you would have to sell it for same price you bought it or maybe a bit more expensive. Price will slowly raise. Or sell it for market price and a difference would be your small tax. However price will be set up by gatherers, who sell materials for coins. Also king will decide increase amount of coins or decrease


  • Yes to a chunk of gold being worth more than 2 silver.  No to people making their own money. No to people forcing me to dress a certain way. No to 5 second stun whips. Hmmm you should go pitch all this to Blizzard...I think they will be highly interested in this.
  • @boogis there is info on how to add images here.
  • Sounds like a medieval simulator game to me. Not sure I would want to play it though.
  • Zastro said:
    Sounds like a medieval simulator game to me. Not sure I would want to play it though.
    Sounds more like a "Dooms Day"  game to me.
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    I feel you may be in the wrong Game genre. Coin weight and Metropolis currency denomination is where it should stop in complexity. I believe you are correct that each of the 5 major centers should have a base coin that would scale in value through Player base valuation. Weight plus trade tariff to limit currency manipulations makes sense but any complexity beyond that invites potential for market manipulations and play restrictions for the none elite player beyond reason. The great part about weight of silver and gold vs the Metropolis coin is that tax/tariff can be set into the exchange by the governing body.
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