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The long due introduction !

Hi everyone, I'm Ayunu,

I've been registered for quite a while already but until now I only wandered the forums in my ghost form, so I thought I should actually take part as it always looks quite lively and welcoming!

I'm really hyped for this game, hope it will deliver, looks to be going in a really good direction until now !

As for me, in MMO's I'm usually interested in Mage classes (dps or suppport / heal) or Close combat Sword classes (was a big fan of Blade and Soul's Blademaster for those who know. I'm usually not into tanking because I always saw it as boring, but dynamic-style tanking is actually really enjoyable).
I also tend to enjoy group play as well as Pvp, but as I'm not a hardcore player, I tend to prefer normalized-gear PvP and rather small-scaled (until now I've never reached end-game gear in any MMO so I've always kept away from "raw" PvP).
I'm really looking forward to what they'll cook for us in terms of class diversity as the classes table looked awesome.

I think it wraps up pretty much all there is to say.

IRL I'm a graduated engineer in Financial and Applied Mathematics and Informatics. I also enjoy music (I used to play a lot but stopped lately due to lack of time) and used to watch a bit of anime / manga (same as for music, been a while since I last did that, like more than a year).

Looking forward to having fun with you guys !



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