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Add on question

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  • Hey there,

    I was just wondering if the add-on system had been added to the store yet?

    The Necromonic Bundle cosmetics are something me and my friend really would like, but we can't seem to find option to individually purchase it yet. 

    We see the option in the store to purchase the Intrepid Pack for 500 but we have no use for the other things included (e.g. the alpha keys, etc)

    I'm enquiring because it states that new cosmetics will appear each month and as we are nearing the end of January, we don't want to miss out on the opportunity to purchase these limited time cosmetics.

    We both contributed to the Kickstarter, it would be awesome if someone could shed some light on the situation,

  • You'll need to have your KS package redeemed on the account you are logged in to in order for the option to be available. @ThomasTheTank
  • Thank you so much :)

    Your an amazing mod.
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