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Talismans & Other Mysticism(s)

Magic is very broad. I'm interested on what other elements of Mysticism the Community think would be a great fit to enhance this MMO o:)
  • I'm thinking of basically everything fathomably conceievable   :p


  • I was thinking that rune crafting would be nice, as in similary to enchanting but it allows you inscribe runes on most surfaces which depending on the word/words used will have various effects when magic is poured into it.
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    edited January 2018
    Sounds awesome !!!  :)
    ... But it sounds Broken  AF too   :D 
    Needs Nerf >~>

  • Yea it would be broken that's why it's just an idea haha, unless they did something like {Rune: Fireball} and bam ! fireball, though that's just a mage then xD
  • " Inscription Magic  "  ... just saying it sounds nice  :D 
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    Voodoo dolls that actually work (for a while)

    Multi-player ritual magic or spells or even combat combos that are obviously more complex but produce some really cool result (Anyone remember the combo system in LOTRO or the way GW2 allowed different classes to play off each others effects?)

    Old School D&D items and weapons that were powerful, intelligent, and had their own agenda.  Yeah this is a powerful sword but if I don't do X at least once a day then it sulks and isn't as good until I do.....

  • I always liked the thought of tattoo magic or body modification in general.

    Instead of a spell in a book you can have eagle wings tattooed to your back, instead of casting fly you activate your tattoo.

    If they do implement enhancements, like fire crystals to buff fire spells, being able to implant them under the skin (until they burn out) would be super cool.
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