General Open Discord -Ashes of Creation-

I created a Discord open to everyone. Guilds are allowed to create their own sub-channels with officers and leaders receiving special permissions. This discord was made with the intention of a community board on discord while facilitating the recruitment process and interactions between guilds. The game has yet to be released, however I encourage everyone to join and start mingling with other prospective players. The name of the server is Ashes of Creation.

Guild Leaders - Send me (Galdaen) a message through the discord for permissions.

Link -


  • I'd say most guilds already have their own private discords so unless they want to use this one as a place where they can communicate with eachother there isn't much point :3 Still a nice idea.
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    Yes, that was the plan behind this. Most guilds will have their own discord and recruit people through the game. For this discord, it is a place for everyone to join and see all the guilds that are in it and join them through there. Guilds can also interact with each other through it instead or just inviting them to each others guild based servers. One problem though. Previously, i had searched for an ashes of creation general discord but didn't find one, which led be to create this. I just searched again, like an hour after I made it and finally found another which was created a long time ago and is now managed by intrepid. I will probably change mine to a more group finding oriented channel for dungeons and PvP.
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