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kickstarter bonuses

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I'd just like to know if everything is in order with my kickstarter bonuses.
I don't know how to chech if my bonuses have been registered in some database, also i am supposed to get a beta 2 key, which i know will start sometime in 2019 but you know how it is, I'd just like a confirmation if that's possible.

Thank you,
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    Hi there, 

    If you purchased a pack on Kickstarter you should of gotten an email to your kickstarter registered email address with your code to apply on the website, it would of come from a email address and may of ended up in your spam or promotion's folders.  if you have done that, head on over to your dashboard at and take a look under order's that's where your purchased pack's will show when they have been applied. 

    if you haven't found your email's with your code, please contact customer support via the support button found in the lower right hand side corner of the ashes website
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    that was fast, Danke

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    Anytime :smile:

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