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Open World Housing/Hives

Before I start, I'd like to just say I've only watched the Q/A video and read a bit through some of the posts on the forums. If anything I say is completely wrong, please correct me. Thanks in advance

So, from what I've heard, players will be able to build/create housing areas out in the world similar to some other games. I'm curious as to how others feel about this? ArcheAge did this, and as most, if not all of us know, this model led to the mass buying of land in the early-game and the selling of that land later for extremely inflated prices. Does anyone believe this will be a problem, and if there are any answers about how the creators are planning to combat this I'd be curious as to how they plan to do that. I've seen a few other posts about housing, but I'm more curious about the next point than this one.

Next, with players being able to have their own land, does anyone think that there is going to be a large focus on creating "hives" where many players build housing on top of each other as a team and use an area as their home. I'm not sure this would be a problem, as it may lead to some interesting interactions between groups. I'm curious as to how players think this will go, if it is a part of the game.

Once again, if I'm completely wrong please correct me, and I know I've asked a lot of questions as well as sharing some of my opinions but I'm curious as to what others think about this.


  • Firstly Welcome @jaxon

    depending on how much open world land is avaible for housing it may become a issue for everyone to own that type of property, and if thats the case im sure we will see the buy cheap sell high methodology seen in AA, however there is a few types of lands available
    <a href="" target="_blank">info found here</a>

    <em>What are players able to build in the world?

    For housing, there will be three primary focuses in that regard. First and foremost, housing that’s buildable by the players themselves, static housing within nodes, and instanced housing.
    Housing build by the player
    It will be possible to lay down your claim to a piece of land out in the world. On that land, you have space to build a home, grow a farm, build all kinds of different workstations and so much more.

    Static housing within a node
    There will be a finite number of houses per node. You can build a house in the early stages of the development of a node and reap benefits from it if that nodes progresses later into development. Houses will grow along with the node.

    Instanced housing
    Basically housing for politics within a node. Houses for government and other political housing. </em>

    so i think that because there is so many types of housing everyone will be able to have their own home is some form, maybe there will be a limit on how many open world houses you can own witch would limit the re-sellers, imo though thats apart of the game.

    as for the hives, yes i think that guilds/groups will band together to build a housing community together, i think this is a great idea to help secure the area from pkers etc and should prove interesting when rival guilds decide to go to war :)
  • Pretty much what @Shunex said, but let me add my two cents: I'd imagine the gameloop it self almost limits you from having to many houses, since decay, sieges, robbery etc. is a thing. So if you want to have multiple "open -world-houses" you have to use a lot of time maintaining them, keeping them safe etc. And on top of that there might(?) be taxation in the area, so having a lot of house and waiting to sell might not be a good idea in the long run. (Another way to limit it from the devs side could be that, there more houses the more tax you pay, e.g. you have a lot of houses, you must be rich and can afford a larger % in taxation). 1 house = 10% 2 houses = 25% etc.
  • Of course, if the game organically, procedurally populated additional nodes as people explore the boundaries of the game world, real estate scarcity would become irrelevant.
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